Thursday, 9 October 2014

Out camping a gay wedding

As I sat in our car earlier on, waiting to pull out of a space on Hillside Gardens, an old codger passed by in a fancy car and entirely took out our wing mirror! I watched as he drove up to the top of the road, turned around and came back down. I assumed he was coming to talk to me, but he drove straight past. I was forced to go in pursuit, flashing my lights and beeping my horn. It was like One Foot In the Grave meets the Keystone Cops. He eventually pulled over and tentatively got out of the car. I couldn't stay angry for long. He looked frightened and I hate frightening people. I took his name and number and he promised to pay, but I shan't pursue it. Wing mirrors get destroyed on a monthly basis if you live in London. Sometimes you've just got to shrug these things off... Also, the glass of the mirror was broken anyway. So essentially all the man has done is added to an already desperate situation!

I was up before 8am this morning, working on the Fleet Singers composition, which is now 1/4 complete. This afternoon was all about the gym and then a massage. It's becoming absolutely vital that I try to protect my back as much as possible, else I'll be like Quasi Modo in ten years' time.

I came back home, and went back to work on the music whilst Nathan knitted with a group of ladies in Islington. I think the technical term for this type of knitting circle is a "stitch and bitch." I should think by the time he gets home he'll have put the world to rights several times over and knitted several pairs of socks.

I am looking forward to his return, however, as I'm hoping he'll bring with him a copy of the Evening Standard, which I'm told has some kind of quote in it about the BBC music trailer looking like our wedding. Heaven knows what it says. The journalist contacted me and I rattled off a reply in seconds!

...Nathan has just returned and it turns out the quote they used was "I didn't think it was possible to out-camp our wedding." Nathan objects to the quote because he feels it stereotypes our wedding. I suppose I do in a way, but have to admit to having said it!

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