Thursday, 2 October 2014

Racism and pigeons

Nathan read an article to me today about a work by Banksy being painted over because the council deemed it "offensively racist." The irony of this particular Banksy painting, of course, is that is was actually a parody of racism. The work depicted a set of rather dull-looking pigeons holding banners which said things like "migrants not welcome" and "go back to Africa" whilst a beautifully-coloured parrot shivered and looked a little sad on the end of the ledge...

The very fact that all this nonsense is happening in Clacton ought to tell anyone that Banksy was making a political statement; holding a mirror up to the people of the town and their infamously right wing views on UK independence and immigration. The very fact that it's been painted over - BY THE COUNCIL - probably says more than anything else! It's a gross act of vandalism.

When will people stop getting so offended and taking themselves so blinkin' seriously? Life is not worth living if we destroy satire, humour and great art because it might offend...

Sadly I think this nonsense is the flip side of people like me gaining the right to get married. People are now so worried about the rights of minorities, and generally saying the wrong thing, that they'll end up smoothing out all the charming wrinkles of society.

Even my employer, the great BBC, is losing its sense of humour. In the wake of Jimmy Savile, everything is being washed and washed again to the extent that only the blandest colours remain. Their refusal to put my 100 Faces film on YouTube because it featured "vulnerable people" (which is what children and disabled people are now being patronisingly called) was part and parcel of the same problem.

My boxer shorts have now entirely lost their elastic. As I walked home from the gym, holding way too many bags to remedy the problem, I could feel them falling to my knees within my trousers which I thought was quite some achievement!

The rest of the day was spent not doing enough work. I've finished the first 2-minute song for the Fleet Singers, and done a little bit of piano practice for Sunday's concert, all the time wondering why on earth I'm putting myself through the indignity of singing in front of a live audience! Still, if you want to come, it costs £9 or £12 (all of which goes to a Manchester home for dogs). Here's a link for tickets.

I can't guarantee political correctness, but I can guarantee a good night out!

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