Friday, 3 October 2014

Opportunity Knocks

I sat at the kitchen table writing this morning, bare-footed, enjoying the experience of rolling a little ball of foam around with my toe. This is not unusual for me. I don't really know how to be inactive, so part of me is always fidgeting with something.

Anyway, it was only when the foam ball began to disintegrate that I bothered to look down and saw that I was actually rolling a dead wasp around! Not only that, but the little bastard had stung me... Or more accurately I must have ground its stinging mechanism into my toe because it went all numb and itchy! Hysterical.

I did a morning's writing and then hot-footed it to Highbury to meet Jake and Pippa who are going to be writing next year's NYMT commission. I thought it might be nice to introduce myself to them in the interests of musical theatre writers sticking together and supporting one another. Now that I have a community of this nature, I am determined to become the life and soul of it - even if I do feel like the elder statesman!

I took a bus from Angel into London asking the driver if he went into the centre of town. When the bus eventually stopped at Marble Arch, I realised how Soho-centric I've become. It wouldn't have occurred to me to call Marble Arch the centre of town!

Anyway, I took the opportunity to do some shopping on Oxford Street, before having a hair cut on Old Compton Street. It seems that all the hairdressers these days are Italian. They used to be Australian.

On the way home I read a comment left by a chap called John Watson on one of the films accompanying my requiem on YouTube. It was a lovely comment, but it forced me to think...

"I don`t quite know why your music and compositions are not more widely broadcast. I watched the various snippets of "Symphony for Yokshire" that were broadcast as idents on BBC 1 a couple of years"

And it struck me... I don't actually know why my music hasn't reached a wider audience - perhaps I've always been in the wrong place at the wrong time - but I definitely think the time has come for more people to hear my music. From here on, I, Benjamin Till, will make opportunities for myself!

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