Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Brighton studios

It turns out that the recording studio we were working in today is freakishly close to Fiona's flat, which made getting up and walking to work rather pleasurable this morning.

It was a lovely studio - cozy and charmingly run-down - situated in a sort of mews courtyard which looked like something from the 1950s. In fact, it took me ages to find which of the unmarked wooden shuttered doors led me to the right place. Fiona subsequently told me that they often make recording studios a little indiscernible to prevent them from becoming targets for passing criminals.

PK and I worked in detail through half the tracks in the show... Or irritatingly, not quite half way through the show. We stalled and timed out about mid way through the last number we'd opted to tackle today, which meant we left the studio feeling one sandwich short of jubilant!

Fiona popped in with David to see the studio and listen to a couple of numbers. Having attended some of the sessions for the project, she instantly recognised the sheer amount of hard graft PK has done to get things sounding as good as they do. He has left no stone unturned in the process of making everyone sound incredible. Many a mixer would have done a cursory job and said, "that's your lot..."

It's been ludicrously windy in Brighton today. The doors and windows in the studio were rattling like something out of A Christmas Carol, and every time I went outside, people on the streets seemed to be walking along at increasingly curious angles.

Speaking of wind, on the train home I was forced to vacate the carriage I was in - with a lovely table to myself - because the Chinese woman sitting across the aisle kept making the most horrendous smells which seemed to hang in the air above my head like the waves of dust and flies hovering above that character in Charlie Brown. I think he was called Pig-Pen!

I glanced through a copy of the Evening Standard this evening, which I always though was a somewhat right-leaning newspaper. I must be mistaken. The Labour-leaning bias in there is quite extraordinary. Obviously I'm really gunning for Lynne in our constituency, but I'm not at all unhappy at the prospect of a Labour government, but the Standard was something else. On one page they showed a list of London constituencies where there's nothing between the Labour and Conservative candidates. On all occasions, the Labour candidate's photo was twice the size of the Tory one. Hardly surprising as it happens. The Labour candidates were all intelligent, friendly-faced, cosmopolitan-looking women, whereas the Tories all looked a bit sleazy and pleased with themselves.

On the next page the sub-heading read, "warm reception: Labour's Sarah Jones meets Beverley Wellington and gets a hug for helping her obtain a new kitchen." And there she was, getting a lovely hug. On the opposite page the sub-heading read, "Tory, Gavin Barwell chats to voter Hugh Gray." The photograph showed Hugh Gray standing at his door, gesturing angrily as though he were about to slam the door in the Tory's face. Plainly this might just have been a moment in the discussion which had got a little heated, and for all I know, Mr Gray may well have been a conservative supporter, but The Standard, it seems, don't want us to view the story that way!! Hysterical.

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