Monday, 4 May 2015

Running in the rain

Working on a Bank Holiday always makes a bloke feel rather virtuous... And simultaneously slightly tragic. It's been a nice day in London weather-wise, and I could see people exiting the tube on their way up to Highgate Village and the Heath. Most of them had that carefree look about them. The one that says "it's a bank holiday and we're all off somewhere fun." I looked at them, enviously, through the window, and felt like a lonely widower waiting for a phone call from his grand child! Not that Bank Holidays have a great deal of significance in the Till-Gaitch household. In fact, it was Brother Edward yesterday who reminded us that it was a Bank Holiday today...

So, today, and for the whole day, I sat on one sofa whilst Nathan sat on another. I created a shot list for the Billy Whistle film and Nathan knitted his big commission. He's putting in twelve hours of knitting a day at the moment, which is giving him cramps in his fingers and arms. I had to stick him in a bath at 10pm just to relax his muscles! How surreal is that? Perhaps what he's suffering from ought to be called "knitters wrist" to go into that lexicon of hobby-specific ailments like tennis elbow and Charleston knee!

I went for the briefest of runs tonight, just as the heavens opened. Running in the rain is a deeply pleasurable experience. My favourite thing is brushing past an overhanging fir tree and having a massive blast of rainwater smack me across the face. I probably should have run faster and further, but I was too busy limping like a flamin' asthmatic!

The rain is making me a bit twitchy about the shoot on Sunday. Much as it would be hugely authentic to have the lads trudging through mud, I have hired costumes which cannot go back plastered with muck. Can everyone keep their fingers crossed on my behalf for a good dry spell between now and then (despite the forecast?!)

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