Sunday, 24 May 2015


Ah! Eurovision. You never cease to amuse, surprise and delight! You will, of course, see that my predictions from yesterday were spot on in terms of the winners. Call me Mr Eurovision!  I'm thrilled Sweden won over Russia. Much as Russia was a great song, I would have felt a bit dirty if it had won! 

Brother Edward is there, having an amazing time by the looks of things. He Facetimed us at various stages in the evening from a hugely busy stadium full of flags and homosexuals!

The wonderful news came through at about 6pm that Ireland had overwhelmingly voted yes to gay marriage. There are few words to describe how that makes me feel; how thrilled I am by how speedily the perception of my community has changed. The thought that 600,000 extra voters (all young) registered to vote because they saw more importance in that referendum than any general election fills me with pride and gratitude. And the moving stories kept coming... The 80 year-old man who emerged from the polling station and said "I think that will probably be the last time I vote and I hope to exit in a better Ireland than the one I entered." The shots of nuns holding ballot papers where they'd voted yes. Unforgettable images and stories which show how wonderful and loving people can be.

Time to turn our collective healing hands to Northern Ireland and Australia! They're the next places which ought to allow gay marriage... And should feel ashamed that they don't.

I spent the day at a careers fair at my old music school in Northampton, which had been brilliantly organised and was attended by all sorts of interesting professionals from the world of music. There were music therapists, instrument repairers, classical musicians, publishers... How lucky would we have been to have that opportunity when we were young? 

About 200 young people apparently attended, which was a good number, but for the quality of guests there, I think many more should have attended. The good folk of Northamptonshire can be a little reticent about attending these things, or putting themselves out there at all in fact. A real shame.

My old mate Tash met me at the music school (we were students there together) and drove back to London with me for the Eurovision Party which was attended by about twelve people, which felt close to the perfect number. Enough to feel like a crowd but no so many that everyone talked through the songs. 

We had a giant scoreboard and we all cast votes. We had telephone votes from Brother Edward, Izzy's parents and my godson, Will. Our scoreboard had Russia winning with Australia second and Italy third, so we were pretty close. 

Anyway. I'm knackered, so it's time for bed. Sleep well. And for those in Ireland, particularly those, like Brian Kennedy, who fought the brave fight. Thank you. 

And Coleen Nolan? Fuck you. 

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