Thursday, 28 May 2015


We spent the day in the company of the lovely Cat, who is directing and producing the project we're going to be working on for Sky Arts later in the year. We kicked things off with brunch at Le Pain Quotidien in Highgate... At least I think that's how you spell the place. It's bloody expensive for a cafe which is so difficult to spell. A couple of eggs, a few mushrooms and a cup of tea will set you back a fortune, but it was lovely to sit out on Highgate High Street in the spring sunshine, whilst the world bustled past.

We went back to our house for more cups of tea (I have tea coming out of my ears) and to look through our theatrical trunks, where I found the musical that I wrote at the age of eight, which was called Snow White: The Musical. It makes hysterical reading. One of the kids in my school had obviously said he'd only be in the musical if he could play a mod, because Paul Weller makes a cameo appearance... Oddly enough in a scene with a crow! Cat cried with laughter when she saw it! It was also rather funny - and somewhat tragic - to find the little contract I'd made out to one of the actors in the piece, telling her she would owe me 10p if she pulled out of the show! I must find her on Facebook, because I think she might owe me 10p! I don't remember the show ever being performed... I use the word show in inverted commas! It is horrendous.

Cat was here until about 4pm, talking mostly about musical theatre, and then I spent the late afternoon and evening working on the new Prologue of Brass, which is incredibly different to the last one. It's a little scary to be back at stage one with it, but I know it's for the good of the show, and I'm keen to have the new draft ready for our album release date on Wednesday 3rd June.

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