Friday, 15 May 2015

Still awake!

Shit, it's 4pm and I've still not gone to bed. This is the longest I've ever managed without sleep. I don't know whether to be proud or terrified!

We drove back to London at 7am. I've no idea how Nathan managed to drive on no sleep. I kept nodding off, doing that head rolling thing that happens to the wildly tired. At one stage I nodded off mid-sentence and ended up hitting Nathan by mistake as I woke up with a start!

For some reason I found this astonishingly amusing and had uncontrollable hysterics for a good five minutes which made Nathan doubt my sanity.

We did our filming this morning. Interviews with producers, both of whom I knew. We got another parking ticket for parking in a space we'd paid to park in.

Then I went into Kentish Town to meet a lawyer who wants my advice for a case he's working on. It made me laugh to think that he's charging his client goodness know what per hour for giving her advice, but not offering me a penny for my advice! (Not even a cup of tea!) Still, it's an important case and I've said I'll help as much as I can, even if it means testifying in court.

I came home, had a much-needed bath and then headed out to the osteopath. And that's where my blog must end today. Apologies for the boring list of events... I'm seeing the screen in triplicate!!

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