Friday, 8 May 2015


I've literally not stopped today. In fact, right now, I'm sitting in a bath doing very little for the first time since I was sitting in the same bath some thirteen hours ago!

My only respite today was a trip up to Tally Ho Corner, which, it would seem, is our nearest Aldi! I had all sorts of things to buy for Saturday's quiz, and Nathan's father has informed me that Aldi is THE place to be seen these days. Tally Ho Corner, up in North Finchley, is a bit of a schlep and the Aldi website has it listed under the wrong post code... but blimey that shop is cheap!

I felt a bit lost as I wondered around. It doesn't really look much like a supermarket. You sort of need to wander around without any specific expectations, looking at the strange tins of things on offer and deciding whether they look palatable! What didn't they sell? Candles, for starters, which I felt was a touch surprising. Anything by Cadburys. Anything really with a recognisable brand name. There were own brand Pringles, and even own brand Celebrations. I did see Marmite for sale, but otherwise it was likely to be an oral lottery! I've taken some risks...  Let's see if they pay off.

The highlight of the day was obviously voting. I like voting, and might have tweeted a picture of myself in the polling station had I not read some dross on the internet about it being illegal (and punishable by death) to photograph anything inside!

I guess I'll wake up in a hung parliament, which will be no bad thing, and we'll all start moaning again, saying all politicians are corrupt sleaze-balls, or walking clowns, and the cycle of life will

I've just switched the telly on to find the film Kinky Boots playing, which, curiously, I've never seen before... I say curious because it's full of trannies and set in Northampton, which is about as "up my street" as things get. I'm not sure why I've never seen it before. I'm a little disappointed by the Northampton accents. The only one who's even got close is the leading man, the Australian, Joel Edgerton... But his "a" sounds are all wrong. Still, it's lovely - and really quite moving - to see all the locations. You don't often hear the word Northampton spoken outside the place itself, and it's a curious treat to hear it mentioned in a film.

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