Friday, 21 October 2016

Deleting emails

I spent the whole of yesterday trying to delete stuff from my iPhone which is now officially full. The main culprit seems to be my emails. I have 11,000 of them, which seem to be occupying about a third of the available data space! Please don't judge me! I'm just rubbish at deleting stuff. The big issue is that, for some reason, and don't waste your brain energy trying to work out why, I can't actually delete emails on the first go. I delete 200, they immediately return to my inbox, I delete them again, and only then do most of them actually vanish. Not all of them, of course. Just most. It's terribly depressing!

Was it yesterday that I went to see my new agent? I have a new agent. Her name is Kate. She's lovely.
I really don't know what I've done at any time this week. I'm still in a bit of a fuddle. Life feels a bit hazy at the moment. I'd love to spend a week underneath a duvet or something. I think I'm suffering from exhaustion, or one of those illnesses I'd be able to take time off work to counteract if I weren't a freelancer. If freelancers get depression, or, in fact ill in any way, we don't get paid. End of. The doctor tells us we need to take time off work. She offers to write us a letter. That's lovely, but who would we hand the letter to? We have to plough on. So plough on we do...

So, after spending half a day deleting emails, I spent the rest of the day composing. I have written a big old opening brass Fanfare for the NYMT's West End Gala at the end of the month, and was putting a few cuts into that. I was also working on a song from Em. It sort of doesn't matter what I was doing. It's been a horrible week: one which I will be pleased to see the back of.

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