Thursday, 6 October 2016

Time flies

I spent all of the morning sweating over an application for the Arts Council. I have literally crossed every t and dotted every i. If this one fails I'm going to change my name to Benjamina Ng and sign my name with a bloody stump!

The afternoon was spent writing lyrics and creating musical material for Em. At the moment I'm just trying to get stuff down on the page. I can slowly develop what I've written over the course of however long it takes. I would like some structure in my days, however. The joy about my application to the Arts Council is that it would pay me enough money to carve out a (very) humble living into next year. I could do with that right now! I need to take the pressure off myself. Worrying about money is excessively damaging to creativity.

I found out late tonight that today marks the 7th anniversary of a friend of mine's death. I used to hear older people saying that they didn't know where the time went and always assumed they were being over dramatic, but where I look back on that time and see a very different person, doing very different things with his life, I don't quite understand how it can have been seven years ago. I was at Julian's recording studio when the news came. We were working on the soundtrack to Watford Gap: The Musical. The news was so shocking that I managed to get lost on my way to Matt's house, where we all gathered together to make sense of things.

This evening we made more biscuits and I'm proud to say that they didn't burn. They tasted good too. Short. Crunchy. We decorated them with lemon icing, dried cherries and chocolate. Delicious! Good old Bake Off!

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