Thursday, 20 October 2016

Sad poster

I saw a poster advertising a collection at the Imperial War Museum on the tube today which just about finished me off. The advert was very simple, and showed a photograph of a 100-year old calling card which had obviously been posted by some sort of door-to-door salesman. The poster was headed with the words: "An ex-serviceman carried me when he no longer carried a rifle and the nation's hopes."

The card was worded as follows: 

"Unemployed ex-soldier.

Sweet lavender and white rose. Fragrant and lasting.

Price: 2d per packet

Protect your clothes and linen from moths etc by keeping this packet in your drawer or wardrobe

I get no help from the Labour Exchange. I have served in China, Egypt and Malta and have a wife and four young children to provide for.

I will call later hoping you will patronize a deserving cause."

I don't see the need to write anything else today.

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