Saturday, 26 January 2013

Desperately dull

The cold continues, both in my head and outside on the streets of Highgate. I was coughing up all sorts of rubbish this morning. I didn’t know it was possible to blow something solid out of a nose!

We went to the cafe to do some work this morning. I’m still working on the first movement of the Pepys Motet, and it’s driving me insane. It changes tempo and tonal centre so many times that I’ve lost all ability to understand it using the basic laws of music! I realise now that I’m usually very aware of the underlying chords in the music I write, which makes the process of orchestration a little easier. The original Pepys Motet was written with a great deal more fluidity, however, so there are mini-modulations, and really crazy chords all over the place.  I carry on chipping away at it because I refuse to be defeated by anything in life.

We went to the gym after lunch, and then to the dentist where I was fitted for a new gum guard, which will stop me from grinding my teeth whilst I sleep and hopefully stop my shoulders from hurting during the day.

This really is the ultimate in boring blogs isn’t it? I’m racking my brains to think if there’s anything else more interesting to say. There’s nothing in the news, nothing on the telly. There was a bus crash on the A1 outside our house this morning, but we didn’t see it, and it was more of a shunt than a full on crash. The back windows of the bus were smashed, so we assume that another bus simply didn’t stop fast enough.

Tonight’s all about awful Saturday night telly. I was hoping something more interesting than Splash and Take Me Out would be on, but it’s nice to see how the other half live! Nathan has gone off to Crewe to do some singing. Crewe is a town I have very little concept of. Is it nice?

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