Thursday, 24 January 2013


I've over-done it! I knew last night I was coming down with a cold and today has been so ridiculously busy - and long - that my head is now spinning. My throat hurts. My lips are dry. My nose is all blocked. I can't string a sentence together. It's basically all over for the day. Blanket and hot toddy time! 

A quick summing up of the day: Woke up at shit o'clock, so unaccustomed to early starts that I began to wonder if the sun was ever going to come up. 

I went to Borough for an osteopath appointment and stopped at the cafe in Highgate Station en route. They always play classical music and happened to be playing The Swan by Saint Saens. I used to play that piece on the 'cello all the time, particularly to my Grandmother, who would always request it and sit dabbing her eyes. Maybe it was the early start, or the cold, or the memory of my childhood, or the smiley, kind face of the man behind the counter, but I suddenly found myself openly weeping and having to hide my eyes whilst I walked down the station steps. 

The osteopath prodded, poked, clicked, massaged and advised. 

I returned home, worked on the Pepys Motet, made a vegetable soup, went to the gym, rowed with a horrid bloke who refused to move his illegally parked car, returned home, collected my bag and then ran to White City to attend a residents' association meeting to spread the word about our latest project. 

Non-stop... I'm shattered. Sleep now...

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