Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Over the last few days I've not been able to find almost anything I've been looking for. From library cards and newspaper cuttings to iPods, everything seems to be disappearing, There must be some sort of universe-led reason for this. That, or it's my subconscious playing tricks on me. 

After giving it much thought, I've decided things are going missing on account of my head and house being full of crap. There are piles of paper, piles of photographs, piles of receipts, piles of cardboard almost everywhere I look, and they need to go. My mind cannot deal with any more knick-knacks, or keep sakes, or piles of things I'm wanting to recycle or take to a charity shop. So 2013 is beginning with the mother of all clear outs. Basically unless it's got a use, or a huge significance, it's going in a bin.

I have already chucked out four full bin liners and I've only just begun! 

Today started at Colindale newspaper library amongst the reels of microfiche. I love that place, and always feel about 70% more intelligent after a visit. I like rubbing shoulders with men who wear their chino trousers too high in the waste and woman with unruly hair and sensible shoes. 

The library smells a bit like a junior school hall; a hint of dust, a hint of Dettol, a hint of mushy pea. 

I was doing research about the Thames, looking at the reporting of key moments like the visit of the whale in 2006, and the great floods of 1928 and 1953. in 1928, for example, 15 people in Westminster drowned in their basements! The news reporting goes from "what a curious sight" to "Jesus, people still live like this?"

We went back to the gym in the afternoon. It made me itch. I'm that unfit! I can't wait to get back into a proper health and fitness groove. I feel really zingy this evening as a result of the exercise. I shall sleep well.

Bring on 2013! 

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