Sunday, 13 January 2013

Music and cake

We've just come third in a music quiz in Walton-On-Thames. It was a poor showing, really, but the picture round let us down big time. In fairness there were only three of us on the team, so we'd have won hands down if they'd divided all scores by the number of team members! We sat in the corner of the room like a group of Nobby No Mates wishing we'd have thought to ask someone else to join us!

One of the rounds consisted of Christmas songs, one after another, sung by those exceedingly dull 1950s crooners who, frankly, all sound the same if you don't own a single one of their albums. I don't know my Acker Bilks from my elbow. 

The rest of the day was spent at Craft and Cake with the knitting gang. The cakes were provided by Sam this week: glorious blueberry muffins. 

Kate and I decided that the majority of knitting terminology is deeply comic, and laughed like little children every time someone said "gusset", "heel flap" or "ball band." I reckon you could go to a dodgy shop in Soho, utter a special codeword, and get all of that from under the counter!

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