Monday, 18 March 2013


There is, of course, nothing to write about today. I slept for ten hours, woke up, slept for another hour and then hauled myself out of bed to do a few bits of admin which have been hanging over me for weeks now. 

There's still more to do, but I'd rather watch Carry On films whilst stuffing my face with food.  

I've been so lazy and inactive that I've even forgotten to post a blog. Frankly, if I'd forgotten altogether it might have been a good thing.

I ended up in a cycle of trying to avoid the Five Nations rugby on the telly, which was actually more difficult than you might think. Just as I settled down to watch something mind-numbingly vacuous, the bloody rugby would begin again. Sometimes it was on two channels at once. 

The alternative was Children in Need. I'm pleased to see that the BBC is still getting mileage from it, as it has been for the past 8 weeks. If I have to watch another spoilt, uber-tattooed kid from One Direction standing on a rubbish dump weeping profusely, I might just throw a slipper at the telly. Boys, if you're that saddened by the situation, donate half of your unfathomably large earnings to charity instead of asking young kids with precious little already to donate their pocket money. We know whatever they send will merely go towards lining the pockets of homophobic dictators, or, in the UK, towards convincing the government that they don't need to invest in charity themselves. 

What worries me about Children In Need is that they send the big names to Africa to do the weeping and wailing and leave the less interesting people to find out about the UK charities, which are equally important in my view, but always less televisual.  Weeping over a dead child in a shanty town dust bin makes a comedian look a great deal more caring than he does when he weeps about an old lady in Scunthorpe who died because no one thought to visit her. The light is so much better in Nairobi. It makes the tears glisten. And those celebrities who can't force the tears, can hope the beads of sweat will double up instead. 

Anyway. It's too late for these kind of comments. I'll only end up upsetting One Direction fans who'll tell me that Harry has a better voice than Debbie Harry when he sings "One Way Or Another" and that Zane's range is wider than Cherie Blair's mouth.  

A quick look at my twitter feed tells me that "Libras hate when someone say [sic] they miss them, but don't make an effort to speak to them or see them."

Frankly, the Libra who keeps tweeting this nonsense shouldn't be surprised when people stop making the effort to get in touch! Also, more to the point, why is it only Libras who don't like it when someone says they'll miss you and then forgets you instead!? 

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