Monday, 4 March 2013

The hunt resumes

Day one of my two-week full-time stint on the White City Estate and I'm already so tired that my legs have gone to sleep. I do, however, feel properly elated. 

We're searching for people with interesting faces and fascinating stories to be in our musical film and I find myself regularly astonished by the people we meet. 

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly a trip to a film club for pensioners, where they played 100 Faces and Songs From Hattersley, and made me feel like a film star! 

The film club happens every Monday afternoon in a church hall just off the Uxbridge Road, and upon entering we were handed cups of tea, led to a table laden with sandwiches, cakes and crisps and told to "stuff our faces" with whatever took our fancy. Quite a lot, as it turned out, and we were very hungry. 

I introduced my films and was thrilled by how well the Hattersley piece in particular was received. I still consider it to be my best work, and have never really understood why the BBC didn't push it as hard as my other, more celebratory films.

This evening we made our way to Willesden to meet a young poet from the estate called Imhotep, which has to be about the coolest name known to man! He had a fascinating outlook on life, and both Penny and I were hugely impressed by his manners and energy. We talked about the estate as a fortress, an oasis and as a wardrobe full of shoe boxes... The glory of poetry! 

It's been a good day, but a long day, and I've come home and am simply staring at the telly, which probably means it's time to go to bed.

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