Friday, 22 March 2013


I just ran out to the Archway Road to buy myself a halloumi kebab. It was absolutely freezing out there. Arctic winds were throwing droplets of rain about like icy bullets. It's snowing all over the country and yet this is the first day of spring! There's nothing for it, of course, than to batten down the hatches and eat like a crazy person, feeling ever so slightly sorry for myself. But we need spring. I have never felt the need for a season so acutely. Apparently we're even running out of gas supplies. Imagine being a little old lady in this? It's monstrous!

Siobhan from BBC Coventry texted today with some very sad news. Con Morris, the caretaker of Coventry Market, and the first person to appear in our musical film, has sadly died. Con was the chap who touched so many viewers by talking openly about his wife's struggle with dementia on the local news. He became a local celebrity and received all sorts of letters of support after his first appearance on telly.

He was proud to have been in the musical and couldn't wait to show it to his Grandchildren. Sadly, however much he tried to tell his wife about it, he couldn't make her understand what was going on. I dread to think how she'll have been effected by his death. He was the heart of the market and the heart of our film and I feel truly honoured to have met him.

I immediately went to the BBC's YouTube channel and dedicated the film to him and I sincerely hope that none of the internet trolls will taint his memory with cheap gags and crude remarks. You can watch the film here.

Rest in peace, Con. You touched many lives with your kindness.

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