Tuesday, 19 March 2013

My modelling career

I made a start on the process of transcribing the various interviews I did with people on the White City Estate. At some point these words will begin to form the basis of the lyrics for my film, but I’m still at the stage where it’s all a bit daunting. I have scores of interviews to transcribe, some of which lasted up to two hours. Until I’ve actually sat down in front of a piano, and got cracking, I suspect it’s going to feel slightly overwhelming.

I opened the front door this morning and discovered a large envelope which had been left by the postman on the doorstep. Part of me was pleased that I didn’t need to go to the post office to pick the parcel up, or go through the rigmarole of “rearrange its delivery”, but the rest of me was irritated that it had been left outside in the rain. The envelope was soaking wet at the corners.

The contents of the parcel were dry, however, and utterly unique; the sheet music to a song I'd found on Amazon, written in 1908, about the Anglo- French exhibition at White City, drawing particular reference to the Flip-Flap; that crazy fairground ride which towered over London for a year or so like a double-headed Tour d’Eiffel.  The songs tells the tale of a French lady, called Blanche-Marie, who comes to England to sample its delights and finds herself being whisked into the air on the Flip-Flap, which promptly breaks down. But it’s okay because the French lady is with her lovely English beau, and they’re perfectly happy to be suspended over the city for half the night.

It’s everything you’d expect from a camp Edwardian parlour song; a lovely waltz-like lilting melody and even a special comedy moment for the pianist or drummer to make a “flip-flap” noise; you gotta love those onomatopoeias! Fiona and Nathan sat around a piano singing it for ages.

The song is called “Come along up in the Flip Flap”; a title which demonstrates an almost bewildering number of prepositions, and, if you ask me, sounds a little rude. I'm not sure it's particularly likely to make an appearance in the film, but you never know... I may disguise it somehow.
The actual Flip Flap
Nathan launched his latest knitting pattern today; a little beanie-hat called “Wuppertal,” which he’s giving away for free on Ravelry. He took me to Highgate Woods today to take photographs of me wearing the hat in front of a tree. He’s used the pictures to illustrate his lovely design.

Speaking of my burgeoning career as a model, I was recently sent the original images from the shoot I did at the Museum of London where I'd been chosen to represent the “cultural connoisseurs” who regularly visit the museum. I’m trying to work out if there’s anything I can do with the pictures as composers are not often required to supply full-length body shots to commissioners! Frankly, I doubt anyone would want to see what sized trousers I wear! Nevertheless, if you’re interested in my alluring beauty, I will sign off with a cheery shot...

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