Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Boring Bank Holiday

Nathan and I are watching episodes of Modern Family on the television at the end of a rather dull, slow-moving bank holiday Monday.

My Mother summed it up perfectly yesterday when she said, "I hate Bank Holidays - everyone always has a place to go to... Except me."

I realise this is how I've always felt about Bank Holidays as well. The only benefit to bank holidays is that when I work through one, as I have today, I feel like I'm somehow one step ahead of everyone else.

Nathan was called into a rehearsal of South Pacific today, which I thought was a little tough considering that it's not just a Bank Holiday but a day which was meant to end with large-scale tube strikes. (I've no idea why they're striking. I barely care!) Nathan's call today consisted of a costume fitting followed by a two-hour military boot camp in a West London Park. He's playing one of the GI's in the show, and they want them to be military fit, which apparently involved a gruelling afternoon stood underneath a plane tree whilst, first hay fever, and then a migraine developed. Oh the glamour of acting!

When he got back, we went for a walk up to Waterlow Park, which looked liked something from a Merchant Ivory film. One woman had brought her own Edwardian flat-backed chair to sit on on the grass. A little eccentric, we felt. Still, the park was lovely in the sunlight. Like a Seurat painting. In the last few days I've become hugely aware of how green everything's suddenly become. Spring can be rather lovely can't it?

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