Thursday, 29 May 2014


I had a lovely lunch today with Uncle Archie and John Hay from Channel 4 in a restaurant in Soho. It was an Otto Lenghi place, which meant vegetarians are properly looked after. I don't know if John specifically chose the place for this reason, but I was either touched, grateful, excited or all three. We had all sorts of experimental food, including, for me, a liquorice sorbet, which was, quite frankly, all shades of wrong, in a sort of right way! I had a "non-alcoholic" cocktail, which I swear made me drunk... That, or I'm coming down with a cold, because I felt considerably little light-headed on my way back to Highgate.

The ghastly rain hasn't helped. There was a glimmer of sunshine this morning, which made me feel rather excited, but as we exited the restaurant, it was absolutely siling it down!

I came home and worked all evening, finishing off the tenth orchestrated song for Brass, and beginning a last pass of the script, looking for a few extra line trims and potential typos before the script goes to print on Monday.

We have new neighbours downstairs and I helped them to carry an arm chair into the flat. It's always a little odd for me to go down there as it's actually the flat I worked in when I was casting feature films with Shaheen Baig. Sometimes I forget that I did that job for more than a year. Enough time to play a major part in the casting of quite a number of feature films including 28 Weeks Later, Brick Lane and Control.

Our new neighbours, Little Welsh Natalie and her partner, Rich, are actually old friends, proving that it's always worth putting a post up on Facebook when a neighbouring property comes on the rental market. It'll be lovely to have neighbours we can sit in the garden with on warm summer nights. Natalie is a gifted artist, so the house should begin to feel like a hub of creativity again.

Right. Time to get back to work. I know it's late, but I've a pitch to write, and, after chatting to Nathan on the phone, I have a rather good idea...

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