Sunday, 11 May 2014

The best result

It's 3am and the party is still going. There are seven of us left from the thirty or so who came to ours to watch Eurovision. We're playing Meryl; a game which people call many things including The Name Game and Who's In The Hat? It's riotous. We're all pissed, none of us can remember the rules and Dan keeps playing odd noises on his iPhone and dropping his trousers. I haven't had a party like this for years. I feel 22 again!

We're all thrilled with the result of the Eurovision Song Contest, which was won by Conchita Wurst, the bearded lady from Austria, who made a deeply stirring acceptance speech which concluded with the phrase "we are unstoppable" as one in the eye to Russia, and the people who tried to ban her performance because she represents a community which some people still deem unacceptable. Has our wedding taught them nothing?!!

Speaking of Russia, the entire live audience boo'd when the bimbo from that hateful country appeared to read their scores. I'm also told that during the Russian entry (which was actually quite a strong song) a sea of rainbow flags was being waved in the stadium, but this was all edited out by the programme makers who obviously felt it was too much of a political hot potato.

Brother Edward and Sascha were there in the crowd and periodically sent texts and called us with updates. Apparently there was an incredibly electric atmosphere on Eurovision Island and everyone's thrilled that the competition went the way it did.

The giant wall-mounted scoreboard made out of brown paper in our sitting room has become an ode to Conchita, with her scoring 100 points more than her nearest rival in our own poll. When she won, everyone at our party stood up and applauded. Very moving, really.

Anyway. I'm exhausted... And slightly drunk. I better post before I fall asleep. I haven't been to bed this late in an age.

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