Tuesday, 13 May 2014


I started writing at 9 this morning and worked rather solidly until 11 tonight, primarily on the seventh... (That's right, seventh) draft of the script for Brass! I spent the last two hours of the day orchestrating I Make The Shells on the basis that a change is as good as a rest. It's a song which has caused me an abnormal amount of bother over the last few days. I've been on it since Thursday, chipping away at it bit by bit. I thought the process would be a great deal speedier, as the song initially wrote itself in about two hours flat just before Christmas. It's quite a fragile song with delicate dissonances which begin to sound insane, when you start layering them up with brass instruments.

I escaped for a few hours at tea time to meet Fiona and Nathan in Camden for a quick stroll and a bit of Italian food.

They've put the most tragic piece of street art on the pavement outside the tube which appears to be a load of giant multi-coloured drinking straws hanging above a box covered in astro turf. We decided it was going to look lovely at night time, but when we returned from tea it looked even worse!

There's very little else to say about the day. It seems I've drunk at least ten cups of tea and been sitting at the kitchen table for hours upon end. By the end of the week my body will have become kitchen-chair shaped!

Is it a Monday or a Tuesday today?

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