Sunday, 4 May 2014

come Dine With Me

Nathan and I have just sat with Abbie in our front room watching a little bit of our wedding on telly. Channel 4 sent a copy of the film through the post to me today, so essentially we just wanted to check it was okay, but were obviously instantaneously pulled into a watching coma. It still feels a little surreal. I can't quite believe the person in that film is me, and that I was actually getting married whilst singing all that pretty music!

Nathan and Abbie sat on the sofa knitting lace-work whilst I scoffed a bit of chocolate. It's my last indulgent hurrah this weekend before going on the diet I promised the cast of Brass I'd go on, if they promised to get themselves really fit, for what will be an extremely physical production.

I'm a little angry with myself for doing very little today other than staring at the telly and making a start on the orchestrations for the song Shone With The Sun from Brass. I guess we're all due a day off from time to time, but only, I think, if we use the day off to garner new experiences. I should have walked in the woods or taken advantage of the beautiful sunshine in some way. Instead, I watched five episodes of Come Dine With Me filmed in Dublin and ate beans on toast. As Tony the Tiger would say, "grrrreat." (Except he wasn't being sarcastic!)

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