Saturday, 31 May 2014


I finished the script of Brass today, which felt like quite a milestone. I decided to take myself to Rustique cafe on the Fortess Road for old time's sake. It's where I finished one of the drafts of my last stage musical, Blast, so it felt rather appropriate. It's also a lovely cafe which always welcomes writers. I was one of about eight people sitting behind lap tops today and can guarantee not a single one of them was doing their accounts!

I'm quite enjoying my daily jaunts down to Kentish Town at the moment. I go to the gym and then do an hour's work in the cafe whilst drinking tea and feeling my heart beat returning to a normal pace!

There's not a lot more to be said about today. Nathan injured himself on the set of South Pacific after slipping on a piece of wood which hadn't been cleared of slime after all the rain they've been having in the swampy forest they call a theatre auditorium. He was sent to a physiotherapist this morning (well actually he was sent to a wrong address some seven miles away from where the physio was based) but when he was eventually seen, they diagnosed whip-lash, which is a bit random... Anyway, as a result of his appointment, he's feeling a great deal better, and had his first night tonight, during which one of the other cast members did something awful to their knee and had to be carried off stage.

I think Lynne Faulds-Wood would probably say something about a "potential death trap!"

I spent the night thinking about new ideas for TV musicals, and unearthed a load of really interesting rushes we shot on the streets of Soho a couple of years ago... At a time, it turns out, when I was slim and handsome. This is the shape I must return to before turning 40, when my body will plainly immediately fall apart!

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