Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Last night was a desperate trial. Just after writing yesterday's blog, Nathan and I, flushed with a sense of invincibility, decided to have one last attempt at getting rid of the ridiculous accumulation of emails on my iPhone. Bizarrely all 4000 managed to come across into the new phone when we backed it up.

We tried every suggestion from every little spod on the internet but every time we deleted all the mails, they simply popped back into the phone in a sort of insane Ground Hog Day scenario.

Nathan's last ditched attempt was to go onto his computer and delete the emails from the server. I was simultaneously looking at emails on my computer, and the unthinkable happened... All my emails, every single one of them, one by one disappeared without trace from my inbox. All my emails about the wedding. All my emails about the Requiem. All the emails with receipts on them which I'd carefully put in a separate folder for tax purposes. The whole lot. Vanished. One per second. I turned into a Munch painting!

Poor Nathan got very upset. I was, of course, similarly horrified, all sorts of things flash through your head when something catastrophic like this happens, but seeing him in pieces made me realise that we've become way too dependent on technology. When something like this happens, we can fall apart, or choose to view the problem as a much-needed liberation from the tyranny of First World problems.. And that's where I decided to go...

Bizarrely, emptying the server of all my emails, has actually still not got rid of the emails from my phone! So actually, many of the ones that vanished still actually exist, just on the one device we didn't want them to be on!

There's little else to say about today. I did orchestrations for Brass in the morning, went to the osteopath, came home and implemented Philippa'a changes to the script before heading up to the loft at midnight and writing by candle light for an hour. It's where and how I do my best work, but I can only do it when I'm alone in the house, else I become highly self-conscious!

I'm alone, of course, because Nathan has gone to Leicestershire... I didn't like saying goodbye to him one little bit!

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