Sunday, 6 March 2011

Better late than never!

Crumbs! It's the first time I've ever failed to post a blog before midnight! I feel utterly ashamed. I wish I had an excuse for my tardiness, but the truth is that by the time I'd slept in, had lunch, gone to the gym, tidied the house and spent the evening watching rubbish telly with Julie, Nathan and Sam, midnight had come and gone. 

We're currently underneath the Thames, whizzing through the Blackwall Tunnel on our way back to Highgate.

It was lovely to see Julie and Sam; a fact which is rather bailed out by our having stayed there for five hours. We're obviously getting old, though. Sam spent the evening knitting socks, Julie was making some kind of wrap and Nathan was crocheting a rather intricate doily! Rock and roll! I am not a crafty type, but was very happy to simply watch hours of Victoria Wood sketches, whilst eating a cup of Julie's chocolate mouse; the densest and most delicious pudding I think I've ever eaten. Diet recommences tomorrow!

We talked a great deal about the recession. Both Julie and Sam have been directly affected. Sam, who works for various music services in the South of London, doesn't actually know whether he'll have a peripatetic teaching job to go to next year. Sure, he'll always be able to find private pupils; the wealthy will always be able to take their kids to music lessons, but gone are the days when all kids have the right to make music, which makes sick to the stomach. Without the astonishing Northamptonshire Music Service, which provided me with free cello lessons, and a plethora of orchestras, choirs and chamber ensembles to perform in, I have no idea what I would have become. People need to start fighting for the future of music in this country. 

Pepys had a very busy day 350 years ago, but did very little of any interest! He ate a barrel of oysters with a few friends, and called in on Lady Sandwich. When her husband was out of town, Pepys took it upon himself to act as her unofficial guardian. 

He went back to the Navy office and sat up until 10pm with the two Sir Williams, working out exactly how much every sailor in the Navy earned. No one could say he wasn't utterly meticulous! 

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