Thursday, 24 March 2011

I went shopping for a pair of boots...

My alarm clock went off at 7am this morning, and before I’d properly woken up, I was on my way to the BBC for a series of interviews, the first of which was with the lovely Alfie and Charlie, who present the Radio Newcastle breakfast show. It's always a pleasure to chat to them...

I shared the interview with a lady called Carol, who is one of the performers in the film. She did a fantastic job and seemed incredibly relaxed behind the microphone. The sound-bite of the day was definitely when she blurted out; “Well, one moment I was shopping for a pair of boots, and the next I was in a film!”

It’s wonderful to see how much this project seems to have affected those who are taking part. Alistair and I headed over to the Sage, where all the daytime BBC radio programmes are being broadcast and the first people we met told us they’d been too excited to sleep. There was a real buzz in the air; people discussing what they were going to wear to the premier, and wondering what the film was going to be like.

During the day, more and more people turned up at the Sage; many to be interviewed by the BBC. What was amazing was the sense of how they’d all bonded as a group and how thrilled they were to have taken part.

I’m now back in my hotel room, about to change into my glad rags. So more later...

9pm - Premier over. It went brilliantly! I got a standing ovation from the cast. Felt proud as punch. Was more proud of the performers. We're trending on twitter but some horrible comments, as you'd expect from the yoof! Hurrah for us trending though!

The team: Alistair, Helan and Benjamin
March 24th, 1661, was a Sunday, and Pepys and Elizabeth went to church... twice. Mr Mills made a good sermon, apparently. The Pepyses lunched with the Battens, and then had a lovely walk in the garden. Not a very interesting day, by all accounts!

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