Monday, 28 March 2011


This evening we learnt the dreadful news that our dear friend, Lisa, lost her baby during childbirth last night. We’re not yet certain whether Lisa had to give birth to little George knowing he’d died, or whether they discovered his heart wasn’t beating after he'd been born. All we know is that when Nathan spoke to her two days ago, she was incredibly excited about giving birth. There are no words to express how sad I feel for Lisa and her husband, Mark. Nathan immediately went into shock when he was told. I wandered around Sainsbury’s in something of a daze. I kept getting unexpected items in my bagging tray, and managed to leave my card in the self service machine. Fortunately, as I shuffled down the street towards the car, a very nice man from the shop came running after me and returned it.

In the midst of all the sadness, there was a brief chink of comedy. Nathan was on the phone, so I was carrying all the bags of shopping. As we were walking up the outside steps towards our flat, my trousers fell down... all the way to my ankles! I’ve obviously lost more weight than I thought. Fortunately it was only Nathan who saw. Imagine that little scene unravelling in Sainbury’s, or worse still, as the kind man returned my card in the street!

But my thoughts return to Lisa. I suppose they’ll need to do a funeral and all sorts. It’s just so very sad.

Thursday 28th March, 1661, and Pepys was up early and with his workmen. He spent the day running errands for Sandwich. The day ended, as it so often did, at the theatre. Pepys and Mr Shepley were watching a play called Rollo (badly acted). They drank a cup of ale after the show before heading home. The workmen had been busy. Pepys was pleased. He also found he’d been paid 70l by the Treasurer, so went to bed feeling content.

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  1. Thinking of your friends. Lots of love Merielx