Saturday, 12 March 2011

For god's sake

It's a beautiful spring-like day and Highgate village is bathed in beautiful sunlight. It feels a real shame to need to work, but on Tuesday, I have to deliver the presentation of my life in front of a room filled with terrifying BBC execs, so I need to feel utterly prepared. 

I saw one of the banned humanist posters today, the ones about the up-and-coming census, that scream "if you're not religious, for God's sake say so!" I think the posters carry a vital message. People tend to leave the religion box blank, or half- heartedly tick the Christian box because they want to counter-balance the growing number of people identifying themselves as Muslim. 

An unrealistic number of people registering themselves as religious means an unrealistic amount of public funds gets siphoned off and put towards pointless religious initiatives and activities. In my opinion, the sooner we grow up and accept that Britain is a secular society where a minority practice religion, the better. I firmly believe that Blair governed this country on a Christian doctrine, which is why he went to war without the backing of the electorate. 

I therefore find it particularly galling to think these posters have been banned, when I consider how often I've found myself horribly offended by adverts for churches with inexcusable anti-gay messages on the tube.

I bought myself a scone for lunch and had it with some raspberry jam, which was delicious. I'm now heading to Julie's to spend the evening in front of the gogglebox. Nathan's been there all afternoon attending an afternoon of craft and cake. They sit around, as you'd expect, knitting and sewing and eating nice things. I am envious, mostly about missing out on cake, but until I find myself a craft, I can't expect to be invited. Obviously I can't just tip up and work on my computer! 

Not the most interesting diary entry from Pepys on this date 350 years ago. He was a happy bunny after finally finding out that he was definitely due a salary for the time he'd spent at sea.

He celebrated by asking the Battens over for a collation; a sort of light supper, which went on til late.

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