Sunday, 7 October 2012

Ban Christian marriage?

So the Tory government is finally beginning to show its repugnant true colours. Michael Gove’s education policies are taking every ounce of music out of schools. He wants to abolish the BBC and he wants to make the rich richer. This year he supplied every child in the UK with a copy of the King James Bible, which he describes as “the most important book in the English language.” He looks like a trout. Another one of that sorry lot Jeremy Hunt, who’s now the health secretary, wants to reduce, by half, the window in which a woman can opt to have a termination. Abortions, in his opinion, should take place within a 12 week period. Some people don’t even realise they’re pregnant by 12 weeks, and it certainly takes a lot longer to work out if a child has a terminal or life-threatening disease or disability. A woman called Barbara wrote the following post in response to Theresa May, who seems to be of a similar belief.

So back to the backstreet abortionists then Theresa? If I was asked if I had known that my son would be born disabled would I have asked for an abortion? Yes, I would! He has suffered so much however hard I have worked. All my friends and relatives are dead and we live in a part of town that has become a student area, so there are no' friendly neighbours'. I worry so much now that I am 86 as to how what will happen to my disabled son, who also is autistic with learning difficulties. He would not want to leave our home, but how will he cope now that services are being cut to the bone?

Before I move on to cheerier issues, it’s important to note that Theresa May, like Michael Gove lists God amongst her hobbies. In my view it is vital that politicians understand that religion cannot and must not shape politics. I have nothing against the Christians. Some of my best friends are Christian. But Christians need to remember that Christianity is a life-style choice, one which is best kept behind closed doors. Now where have I heard that before?

I’m being facetious. We must learn to be tolerant. The next thing we know, they’ll be trying to prevent Christians from getting married...

We’ve just returned from a music quiz in Bishop’s Stortford, which I’m proud to announce we won. 8 bottles of wine between 7. Thank you very much. We won by four points; the sum total of freakishly lucky guesses that we made in various rounds. We had a fair amount of knowledge between us on the team, but we were on fire when it came to guessing!

I’ve returned rather late, and very much need to go to bed.

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