Saturday, 13 October 2012

On point

We're at Sam and Julie's watching  the X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing. The judges keep talking about vocals being "on point"; a bastardised ballet reference which feels remarkably out of place on a show like this. I also wish Gary Barlow would learn that the word is performance instead of "preformance," which he regularly says.

I woke up this morning and brushed my teeth with Savlon by mistake; a curious wake-up call. 

I found myself in the post office yesterday with the most passive aggressive old woman I've ever encountered. She arrived whilst I was being served at the counter. "Oh dear, oh dear," she said. "There's no chair. How am I going to be able to stand whilst that man's being served?" I realised she was talking about me... And talking to no one. "He's sending all those packages. I'm so unlucky to have arrived when I did. I only wanted a book of stamps." 

I wondered why she considered herself to be so unlucky. The post office is usually completely full of people, and under normal circumstances she would have needed to queue for much longer. 

I then realised this was the old lady whom I'd last seen sitting on a pile of cardboard boxes in the corner of the post office,  unable to stand up without being assistant by a group of customers. I would have thought if there was ever a day to feel unlucky it was that one.

My dear friends Philippa and Dylan brought a little baby into the world at 9am this morning. They've called her Silver and I'm excited to meet her.

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