Friday, 19 October 2012

Nuclear family

Nathan and I have been driving in South London for the last 2 1/2 hours. We're at Croydon now and our car's computer informs us that our average speed has been a paltry 8 miles per hour; a shocking indication of quite how broken the London transport infrastructure is! 

I did a morning's work in my favourite cafe before heading East to meet, for the first time, Philippa's daughter, Silver. She's an adorable little creature with wise eyes, and dark, features. She's quite a long baby as well and it was hard to image how, just 4 days ago, she was curled up in Philippa's stomach.

My first thought, oddly, was quite a profound one; here's a little dot that I'm going to watch growing and maturing throughout the rest of my life. I instantly felt deeply protective towards her. 

Philippa, Dylan, Deia, Silver and Dandelion the cat sat around the table with me, eating home made cakes and I thought what a wonderful, beautiful and eccentric nuclear family they were. I'm proud to have them in my life. 

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