Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Don't tell me who won!

A day spent composing and gyming and searching for nice-looking food that will assist my diet. A few bits of mangy fruit basically. I'm hungry all the time. 

I did a 6km run at the gym whilst staring miserably at people with beautiful thin torsos who didn't seem to be doing very much at all. One bloke was pulling a little lever up and down with less effort than I put into eating jelly. Some guys are just lucky I guess. 

Now, no one's to tell me who won the Great British Bake Off until I've seen it on catch up. Nathan works til 8, so I feel rather aggrieved that I can't see it live. I'm obviously famous for my love of the show however because an almost bewildering number of people are texting me to ask me if I'm enjoying it. I'm posting this and then switching my phone off!!

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