Monday, 1 October 2012

Wiped out

I've felt pretty wiped out all day. Nathan has a cold. Fiona came to visit in the late morning and we went to Ali Pali to let go of her grandmothers' balloon. The wind was good and high, and as Fiona let go of the string, it flew at top speed into the air and disappeared into the clouds. 

We made an enormous roast dinner and sat like a row of corpses in the sitting room all afternoon.

We walked to Tufnell Park to see two of Fiona's friends, and then drifted back to Highgate where we dipped chunks of bread into olive oil whilst watching Downton Abbey. 

I'm tired and fuzzy, yet thrilled by the many messages I've been sent about last night. Many seem to think I've written something special. I do hope so. I'm certainly thrilled that so many seem to have responded to the piece in a sort of visceral way; allowing the beats and the emotion of the music to pass through their bodies. 

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