Sunday, 4 November 2012


I fell asleep last night before managing to write a blog. I went out like a light watching something on iPlayer and slept through til 10am.

We had my first partner, Daniel, and his current partner, Matthew over to dinner last night, so the day was spent turning our pig sty of a house into a beautiful palace. 

The ABBA playlist went on at ten in the morning and we cleaned, dusted, washed and wiped-down every corner. We'd heard 60 songs by the time we'd finished!

We cooked some beautiful food. A courgette soup, asparagus spears, a warm pesto and potato salad, quinoa stuffed peppers and an apple pie. Every mouthful was a masterpiece and Daniel and Matthew made all the right noises. We've vowed to do more dinner parties. We must owe about twenty people!  

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