Thursday, 15 November 2012

Holby City blood

It was an incredibly misty and murky morning. I took a wrong turn on my way to Elstree, and ended up driving past the most exquisite-looking reservoir, which seemed to be evaporating into the clouds above. There's probably nothing more beautiful in this world than white mists enveloping an autumnal tree. 

Autumn gave me an unexpected facial as I walked out of the BBC canteen earlier on. As I opened the door, there was a heavy gust of wind and about 50 crispy leaves smacked me in the face. I looked around to see a bloke with one of those blowy petrol-driven machines, the reverse hoovers they use to clear fallen leaves off the pavements. It was a horrifying moment. 

I've had stomach ache ever since lunch, which was a horrible sausage thing in the BBC canteen here at Elstree. The Quorn sausages were white. They looked like little pieces of dog poo from the 1970s and probably tasted similar. I didn't know you could serve a veggie sausage raw! I do now! 

Having weighed myself at the gym yesterday and realised that my weight loss has stalled, I've decided to only snack on fruit and veg, which might also explain the tummy ache... I tell you something, there's not a lot of energy to be found in a carrot. I'd much rather snack on chocolate bars! 

The BBC buildings at Elstree continue to depress the hell out of me. There's an all-pervading smell of damp in the corridors. It feels like this place is rotting and no one seems to care. Still, the positive side  is that I get to walk past the Holby City props department regularly and see all the jugs of fake blood and body parts. They have the most gruesome photos all over their walls. It's like the cellar of a serial killer! 

Right I'm off to limber up my twisting fingers... The show's about to be recorded. 

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