Sunday, 4 November 2012

Mr Pancake

We've been in the Midlands all day, having Sunday lunch in Spaldwick with Lisa, Mark and their lovely daughter, Poppy. 

Spaldwick village is somewhere between Huntingdon and the Northamptonshire town where I was bought up. Everything in that part of the world feels incredibly familiar; the colour of the fields, the way the landscape undulates gently, the sandstone houses... Even the smells.

Lisa is about four months pregnant with a rather large boy-shaped belly, who we're all very excited to meet.

It was a wonderfully lazy day in front of an open fire. Lots of tangerines, cups of tea and a stunning plum and apple crumble made from the fruits of their garden. 

Poppy was delightful. She spent about an hour putting hundreds of pretty clips into Nathan's hair before giving him a make-over which involved mascara, foundation and, for some reason, an enormous star which was drawn onto his forehead with a red eyeliner. He looked a picture. 

Poppy's favourite toy is Mr Pancake. She's had him for years, and they're the best of friends. Mr Pancake is a terrifying-looking rubber zombie with a face contorted in twisted agony. Lisa and Mark used him for a Hallowe'en party once and Poppy, for some reason, instantly fell in love with him. Mr Pancake scares all Poppy's friends, but Poppy doesn't care. She loves him. Today Mr Pancake appeared wearing a party frock, an orange wig, and a very beautiful necklace. 

We're heading back now along the A1, which remains as eccentric a road as it was in 2008 when I made a musical film about it. The A1 is the only trunk road I know with its own sex shop, a biker cafe and a designated club for swingers! It's also the road on which I live. I'm constantly amused by the idea that, if I chose to, I could come out of my flat, turn left, and walk all the way to Edinburgh on the same road. I have neighbours who live in a different country! 

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