Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Too late to be working

Today, fortunately, was one of those days of admin when everything sort of slots into place. There was much to do; a couple of pitches to write, an errand to Crouch End to collect photos, a bit of groceries shopping, a visit to the gym, a massage... And, perhaps unexpectedly, everything ran rather smoothly.

The only thing I’ve forgotten to do today is eat, which meant I had to give up on my work out because I suddenly found myself feeling deeply nauseous. I limped away from the gym feeling weak and tragic, which, fortunately, is an appropriate way to feel when you’re heading for a massage...

How lovely it is to go for a massage in the middle of an afternoon? If only I could afford a massage once a week. For the first time in an age, my shoulders feel loose, and when I raise my hands in the air, I don’t feel tension and stiffness.
I finally got an opportunity to cook some food at about 8pm – a sort of ad hoc roast dinner - and now I’m trying to psych myself up for the last part of the day, which involves recording demo vocals for the 100 Faces project. It’s a bit late to be doing something so complicated, but I have a hideously early start tomorrow morning, so there’s no other option

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