Monday, 12 November 2012

LA Shitness

Autumn leaves were falling like snow as I stood waiting for my morning tea at Highgate Station. I think, during most years, the leaves have already fallen by late November. That's what you get for a total lack of summer sunshine! 

I have been in Hackney all day editing a little promo for The Requiem, which Rich Mix are going to play in their cinemas. It all took rather longer than expected, and, yet again, there's been no time for me to go to the gym. 

The LA Fitness in Highgate is very rarely open these days anyway, particularly at weekends. At the start of the year, it stayed open until 8pm on Saturdays. It was always quite pleasant to go there for a work out and a steam before heading out for the night. These days it shuts at 4pm. Down from 6pm over the summer...

Their reason? Apparently not enough members were using it to make opening it for longer hours financially viable. Next thing, they'll close all day Sunday!

I spoke to a manager to register my anger and asked if he'd mind if I handed out a few flyers to set up a Facebook campaign to extend the hours again. "If you did that", he said politely, "I'd be forced to escort you off the premises." 

Who said democracy is dead?!


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