Saturday, 24 November 2012

Filming numbers

It’s been a rather lovely day spent with cameraman Keith filming on the streets of Newcastle. Essentially, we need the option of having a number in vision which corresponds to the age of every person in the film and we’re trying to gather a shot of every number between 1 and 100. When you start to notice numbers, it’s astonishing how many are scattered about in shop windows, on street signs, buses, number plates, scrawled graffiti and the doors of houses.

Our day started in the centre of Newcastle. We then went down to the river and along to Tyne Mouth, Cullercoats and Witney Bay. A storm is obviously brewing because the weather slowly turned from beautiful blue skies to a sort of autumnal misty white light. It was as though the sun were simply evaporating.

I’m sitting under the duvet in my hotel room. Sadly, because I’ve had to have the air conditioning de-activated, I’ve also lost the heating. I don’t have a bath to warm myself up in and to make matters worse, the internet signal is really bad in my room, so I’m feeling a little sorry for myself. A hotel room is meant to be a relaxing experience at the end of a really busy day, not something to endure... particularly when it comes to a hotel which is meant to be so good. Still, I have no beef with the staff, who are brilliant at all times.

I’ve just popped down to reception and house-keeping have been generous enough to provide me with a portable heater. I now feel like a little old lady hiding inside her sheltered housing. All I need now is a box of Murray mints, a hot water bottle and a crocheted blanket! Still, at least I’m warm.

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