Thursday, 16 May 2013

Cheap date

Day two in the studio on the White City project and we've now recorded all the drums and bass lines for the film. 

We were back at Julian's studio in Limehouse and everything went extremely smoothly. Our drummer, Jack, was on particularly good form, sight-reading his way through the hugely complicated charts for our song about the Egyptian House in the middle of the estate. The session also gave me the opportunity to work with a new bass player, Spencer, who made tidy work of 40 Second Warning, which is a rather crazy Ian Drury and the Blockheads-type number. 

The session was so relaxed, in fact, that we managed to have a full hour for lunch. We sat in a cafe opposite the DLR, near the curious homeless person who tends to sit on the pavement, begging, with a copy of the bible and a book about Jesus on his lap. It's a rather sad sight and I can't work out whether that's because I'm witnessing a cynical gesture on behalf of the homeless man to garner sympathy from a specific group of people, or because it makes me question the "Christian" values of Limehouse Christians. If this man IS one of them, then they surely have a duty to protect him? 

From Limehouse I went to Crouch End to see Julian's beautiful new house. Julian's partner is the vicar of the Swiss church in London and the place comes as part of the deal. Fabulous. They have an enormous garden which is full of buddleia  and harebells. As dusk descended, the place started to smell like my Grannie's handbag! 

Julian gave me a glass of vodka and lemonade which made me drunk. I'm such a cheap date!

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