Saturday, 25 May 2013

Eurovision reruns

I'm sitting in Sascha and Edward's sitting room, watching the sun setting over the Thames, whilst various reruns of this year's Eurovision flash across their television. 

Sascha and Ted were both there in the flesh, watching the show, in Malmo, and we're trying to spot them within the audience of 14,000!

It's great fun being able to ask how certain countries went down "in the house" and how various televisual tricks were achieved. I've just had a look at one of the rubber wrist bands which flashed with various colours when worn by audience members in the stadium. 

I treated myself to a massage this morning which has made me feel rather spaced-out and I suspect that the emotional roller-coaster of last week is finally taking its toll because I'm beginning to feel a little ill.  I bit my tongue rather badly whilst chewing on a sweet on the way over here and as a result am now nursing the mother of all ulcers, so am feeling a little sorry for myself...

There's very little else to write about today, which is just as well, as my phone could well be about to run out of battery before I'm able to post this blog. I hope everyone who is reading this enjoys the rest of the Bank Holiday. 

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