Wednesday, 8 May 2013


It rained rather heavily in the night, and the joyous blue skies turned grey once again. I sincerely hope that this will not herald a repeat of last summer's hell-laden weather: surely that's not it for the summer of 2013? The wind is up as well and I'm wondering if gales are on the way. I've given up looking at the weather forecast. It seems It's almost impossible to predict what's going to happen in this country. 

Fiona and I walked into Muswell Hill for breakfast and then home again through the woods, which felt like a very pleasant way to kick things off. 

I am painfully aware of needing to get on with work, but found myself entering a hell-zone of admin the moment I switched my computer on to send an email. It's astonishing how many important messages can be generated during a day spent in a recording studio, rather enhancing my life's philosophy that it's always best to deal with something as soon as it arises. Leave it for more than a day and it inevitably gets prioritised, and often never dealt with. 

At the moment I'm working on a day to day basis, preparing what I need for the following day. Tomorrow is the rehearsal for the Rebel Chorus' recording of Four Colours, and we're still short a bass and a soprano, so much of the afternoon was spent getting information out to people about our big session on Sunday.

In the meantime I trekked across London to rehearse with Bob, one of our soloists on the White City film, which we're now calling Tales From The White City. Bob is a vicar and we sat in his rectory, drinking tea and going through his words whilst two rather supercilious long-haired miniature daschunds looked on. He did incredibly well. The music I've written for him is a little like something Ian Drury might have sung. Talk about being thrown in the deep end! 

I came home and wrote another sequence for White City, leaving myself with only one major section to score. A huge weight off my mind but we're not there yet! First day in the studio on Friday...

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