Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Today found us completing recording sessions for this stage of the Pepys Motet. Studio time started with the sopranos and finished with the altos, and in the meantime there were eight hours of brain-mashing mega-music, which has rendered me almost unable to put a sentence together.  Apologies, therefore, if this blog makes no sense. I'm pretty sure we got almost everything we needed; everyone sang their little hearts out. I feel so utterly privileged to be surrounded by such talented musicians, all of whom have donated their services to this project for nothing. I'm a very lucky chap. 

Some of the singers absolutely came alive in the studio. Michelle, one of our sopranos, who's recently been having lessons with Jem, was positively Amazonian; a veritable tower of musical strength. 

No one let the team down; not even close. Sure, there are sequences which we'll have to prod and poke a bit in post-production, and there were one or two mini-meltdowns along the way, but every single one of the ten singers who passed through Sonica today had their own very special moment. My heart melted on more than one occasion. 

This blog is dedicated to those ten singers; Carmen, Hilary, Rebecca, Michelle, Mel, Abbie, Laura, Llio, Jana and Julie. With love and thanks. 

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