Sunday, 19 May 2013

Eyes like saucers

I’m sitting in the loft going through the painstaking procedure of printing out hundreds of music parts for string and piano sessions on the White City project in the coming week. I’ve been formatting the parts all day and they seem to have taken me a lot longer than I’d initially expected. I’m going completely cross-eyed printing them all out. I’m doing it in low light. My head is spinning slightly. I want today’s work to finish, please.

I did however have a mega lie-in this morning, which has made a massive difference. I still have another four days of mayhem to get through this week, but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Eurovision was great fun last night. About 18 of us sat down to watch it with plates laden with vegetarian lasagne. One of the big treats was meeting Llio’s Mum, and also introducing our friend, Ian, to the joys of Eurovision. I think it ended up a bit of a disappointment for him because he’d heard it was the most bizarre thing in the world. He also couldn’t work out why people at the party didn’t seem to be listening to some of the songs. I explained that the room will often audition a song very quickly to determine whether it’s worth shutting up to hear it. It is a bizarre thing. I guess some of us had watched the semis as well, so had already made our minds up in terms of what we wanted everyone else to enjoy. We can of course be wrong. I sent everyone off for a loo break during Hungary, and it ended up doing quite well in the competition.

Girls were definitely in the minority and those who came were very camp. The Mant sisters are always brilliant value for money and Julie Clare baked carrot cake. Biggest thanks to the lovely Tina who had arrived in the afternoon to help Nathan prepare and ended up scrubbing the bathroom clean.

Love was also in the air for two of the younger guests at the party. It’s a long time since I played match-maker!

My predictions were pretty good. I got three of the top five correct and Russia came sixth. When I put a bet on Russia, I didn’t realise they’d be placed so early on in the running order, which is the kiss of death, unless everything else is rubbish.

Bonnie was boring. There’s little else to say. Utterly predictable. The BBC really need to sort themselves out. I’ve written a letter to the Times about it, but don’t know where to sendit!

Right, that’s it for the day. If I stare at this screen any longer I’m gonna turn into a drooling imbecile.

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  1. sounds as though a good time was had by all at the eurovision party ,shame we cannot find someone amongst all who are able to sing to represent us ,but I so loved Russia ,shame really ,but one cannot really do anything about it and I tried complaining for years right from when cliff richard was on ,it got me nowhere ,well my little rant over ,now to listen to music real music played by a real orchestra ,I leave you with your screen and no drooling ,