Friday, 24 May 2013


I woke up at 11am, got myself a bowl of cornflakes, went back to bed,  made myself some toast, went back to bed, made myself a cup of tea, went back to bed, and so the hours trickled past in a fabulous lethargic haze. I now feel almost human again and celebrated this fact by heading to Sloane Square to watch the superlative London Gay Men's Chorus' "Heroes" show at Cadogan Hall. 

They performed a hugely varied concert which featured show tunes and camp pop classics. There was even a Mendelssohn oratorio, which felt wonderfully bizarre after Jim Steinman's "I Need A Hero!" I wonder what Mendelssohn would have made of 100 gay men singing his music with gusto whilst wearing ties in rainbow colours.

The LGMC sing fabulously well as a unit and there were a couple of moments when the hairs on the back of my neck started to rise. There's really nothing better than a male voice choir opening their lungs and letting rip. 

Everything was performed by memory and many of the songs were accompanied by really quite complex choreography, which all the choir were expected to do. There were drag queens, lots or rainbow flags, white gloves and plenty of costume changes. I was carried away by a glorious wave of gay pride!

Back home now for another mammoth sleep session. I reckon I'll be as right as rain tomorrow and ready to face the world again. 

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