Friday, 26 April 2013


I'm too busy to write much. I've been quizzing it all day. Shopping and prepping all morning and cake making all afternoon with the glorious Abbie who arrived like a beacon of joy to help me. We made two chocolate and marmalade cakes based on recipes by Nigella Lawson, a fabulous raspberry Victoria sponge, 30 cookies, and a marble cake. I feel hugely proud of what we did. Abbie knows so much about baking and taught me to listen to the cake when it comes out of the oven to hear if it's ready. Who've thought?

One of the cakes was dropped. Hell! I won't say which one in case someone reading this sees the cake tomorrow and screams "unclean" really loudly. I think we've got away with it. It's amazing what you can cover over in baking! I nearly wept when it happened though. 

Tonight is all about sorting out the final details for tomorrow. I've had a list on my iPhone all day which is slowly getting shorter. I reckon we might even be in bed by 2am.

But look at our cakes! Look at them!

And here's Abby in the kitchen

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