Friday, 19 April 2013


Today's rushed past in something of blur, although when I look back to the moment I woke up, it feels like a life time ago. I did a morning's work on White City, and then, just after we'd had lunch, a flurry of phone calls came through which entirely changed the shape of our day. 

The first was from Gamlingay in Cambridgeshire. The people who have been working on Nathan's computer for the past week were unable to retrieve any of his lost data, so that was that, really.

We got in the car and started to drive up the A1 feeling a little deflated, but fortunately, the deal with the company is that if they can't find any data, there's no charge, so at least we've saved ourselves £400. Nathan can now move on. It's life laundry, really, I guess, and some of the files recently turned up on a memory stick, so less has vanished than we'd originally thought.

More worrying news came from my mother who called to say that my father was being rushed into hospital - oddly in Cambridge, which was about 15 miles from the place where we were picking up Nathan's computer, so we re-rooted via the A&E at Addenbrooks and found my Dad in a bed looking rather sorry for himself and sounding like he'd swallowed a box of razors. 

Fortunately it soon transpired that he was going to be okay, although I shall keep an eye on his progress because I very much take after him health-wise, so all these little issues are probably coming my way. He was looking incredibly chipper by the time we left but they've kept him in overnight as a precaution, so I've come home to Thaxted to keep my Mum company. We're watching telly.

As we drove home the orange setting sun was enormous in the sky, glinting on the rows of daffodils by the road side. The joy about this late spring is that all the flowers, literally all of them, are blooming at once. It's joyous, especially when the sun shines. 

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